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Smart Use of Soft Backer Rods with Alcot Plastics

May 03, 2018

Every year, construction quality and ability continues to improve and move forward. Modern architecture continues to leap forward when it comes to modern design and innovation, and the need for clever solutions has moved with it. With new plastics and synthetics, Alcot can offer tools and equipment like the soft backer rod to provide ease of work and better solutions in finishing and installations.


There are significant advantages in using a soft backer rod instead of a typical non-adaptable rod.


The regular backer rod is used on concrete floor panels and plates. Best used on concrete roadways and pedestrian floors as a divider that helps maintain full contact between two concrete plates. The limit is its inability to conform to a more dissimilar surface and maintain a constant bond or seal. The soft backer rod, in comparison, is excellent in maintaining a constant bond and contact on many dissimilar surfaces or uneven contact points due to its softer and more pliable nature.

With its given structural nature, its softness makes it useful in many different applications whether it is usual or unusual. Often useful in office desk unconventional use or school and home projects such as science fair and model making, it is essential in building, remodeling and installation projects. Soft backer rods are typically used on window frames and doors where the concrete wall poses a bit of an uneven surface yet requires a better seal. Office floors and other commercial use, such as platforms for vehicles or pedestrians, makes the soft backer rods ever more useful. These are the size and specification of soft backer rods we offer:


  • ·         Diameter 5/8 inches- Length 1,550 feet or 472 meters
  • ·         Diameter 7/8 inches- Length 850 feet or 269 meters
  • ·         Diameter 1 1/8 inches- Length 500 feet or 152 meters


The many different sizes and lengths available makes it an ideal tool to any building, installing or assembly project. Contact Alcot Plastics today to learn more.