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Soft Backer Rod For Commercial Packaging Needs

December 17, 2014

Alcot Plastics offers the creation of designated shape, colors and design of every soft backer rod. Their expert engineer is exceptionally keen to the developments of the most vibrant soft backer rod. It is offered in the market, and is suitable for meeting specific packaging needs. However, Alcot Plastics is specifically designed to meet the needs of all time as specialized packaging materials. This saves you the agony of having to go through tedious foams material.

All the personnel in our team are qualified and always keep up to date with new developments in the industry. More to this, they are trained in the world most reputable engineering school. More so , we have factory trained technicians who are well equipped with skills that will enable choose the best rods. The professional in different fields will also offer the necessary advice that you need on the application and use of the system. We also engage in innovation and extensive research and we ensure that we give quality services to the customers. This assures you of a great capability of the team of professional delivering the best services to cater for your needs more to this; the team has undertaken projects in almost every industry getting us ahead of the competition.

Alcot Plastics is an experienced industry player who clearly understand your soft backer rod needs. More to this, the company offer adequate customers support for the most efficient and fastest turnaround. This makes the company the leading services provider, serving among the most senior industry players involved in rods services and other related services. This gives the company the glee of being able to deliver hundreds of finished products each week without any delay.