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Soft backer rod products explained

December 11, 2015

Construction has undergone a wide diversification over the years with adoption of new methods and material to make this easy and efficient. One such item is the soft baker rod which is very important in construction applications that require sealants and for joints or any other place. The rod fits perfectly for construction applications that have varying joint widths and they are widely used by many constructors.

A soft backer rod does not adhere with the sealants in use and so no bond breakers are required. This feature allows for formation of a two sided bond that can easily expand and contract without interfering with the rod. This is something among the many reasons that has made them a very suitable option for many constructions today. The rods are available in a wide range of diameters and can fit in virtually any required space with ease. They also are very adaptable and efficient in how they work as they are soft and can be easily bent and compressed to joints. They can thus fit in any specification no matter what.

On top of that, they are very easy to install and will not give you a hard time. The rods are normally made using closed cell polyethylene foam and they thus cannot succumb to reaction with many fluids including even organic solvents that are corrosive. They are also expandable and so they can be used for movable joints. Despite this spectacular flexibility, they still for very strong joints that can withstand harsh conditions. While a soft backer rod gives you all that, it is very affordable and easy to acquire at the same time. Alcot Plastics Limited is a renowned maker of this great product and that is reputable for its high performance. Make the smart choice, get yours today and enhance your construction.