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Soft Rod

November 23, 2015

 In erecting superior modern concrete structures, you need to allow for adequate expansion and contracting margins within your concrete slabs. Through essential, leaving sufficient space for the purpose is in real life almost impossible especially where you do not know the approximate expansion or contraction rates of the materials based on varying temperatures. However, with advanced construction technologies, the use of a soft rod allows use tested and recommended resources as to allow for adequate expansion contraction without any expert engineering savvy. Therefore, all you have to do is to use such tech-developed products with which all your expansion and contraction cares in your concrete structure are catered for adequately.

Soft rod is a chemically inert rod and comes in diameter ranging from 3/8 to 21/2. Thus, for the best result, you should consider talking to our staff for adequate guidance before making the purchase. Your partnership with Alcot Plastics is necessary as it helps you evade purchasing rod that do not fit or meet your specification. Besides, you should carefully procure the rod with the right temperatures in which it can be used as it work best for temperature between -90F and 190F.

In working with advanced engineering processed soft rod, it recommended that precaution be taken as to avoid over compression, stretching or use with hot sealants. The aim is to ensure that the rods retain their excellent natural shape and be able to deliver your expectations adequately. More to this, you should avoid contaminating the rod, locking in frost or lose materials during installation as this may lead to poor results. Further, it's recommended that the compression applied to the rod be only between 25 and 50% for optimal results. More to this, the installation should only be installed with a roller, a flat, blunt tool that cannot puncture or destroy the rod.