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December 30, 2014

In areas with varying weather conditions, buildings get to be weakened greatly. These weather changes could be either the high expansion or even shrinkage which causes a lot of damage. The use of the screening spline has seen people overcome these challenges. The screening spline hold the screening strongly in position in the doors and windows hence maintaining screen strength.

The material used to make the screening spline determine the kind of support it has to the screen in the doors and windows. The spline is made from polyethylene. This material makes it very strong even when exposed to difficult weather conditions.

Alcot plastics ltd in Ontario has been the leading manufacturer of screening spline. For twenty years it has surpassed the need for its clients. The company has staffs that are committed in maintaining the brand of the company by making sure the screening splines manufactured are of high quality. They normally customise the screening splines to fit to the client’s needs.

They give the clients an opportunity to give the specifications of the screening they want, including the colour and size. The customisation of the polyethylene foam spline has made Alcot plastics ltd to win so many customers across Ontario. This has led to exponential growth of the company.

The company’s products are very affordable even to low income earners. It always gives deals which can never be offered by any other foam spline manufacturer in the whole Canada. The quality and the quotation of the prices has made Alcot plastics ltd to have a very strong customer base from within Ontario.

Those who buy screening spline products from Alcot industries always come back to buy more and more. They even refer other clients to the company.  Alcot plastics ltd strive to maintain the quality of its products, maintain its customer base, win new customers be reliable and remain relevant to the market.