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Superior Quality Screening Spline

March 17, 2016

A screening spline is an essential component in window and door frame construction. Spline is used when a good seal is expected. In the market, spline is available in different shapes and varieties. It is used for securely holding screens in both doors and windows. Screening spline is considered highly beneficial because it supports screens through changes in weather, regardless of expansion or shrinkage due to temperature. Alcot Plastics LTD. are dedicated to ensuring that the best is offered to their deserving customers. This is what has enabled them to stay at the front line when it comes to spline and other foam products.

All houses expand and decrease in size as the seasons change. In summer time, the heat causes a house to swell and you see evidence of this when wall paint begins to crack. In winter, the cold causes a house to contract and you hear it in the creaking of the walls. These changes in size, although miniscule, can wreak havoc on a home if it is built with poor foundations. Screening spline is a necessary step in the construction stage because it safeguards screens from future damage due to weather.

Alcot Plastics LTD. produces screening spline, which offers several advantages to installers of doors and windows. One of such advantages is the fact that it is easy to use. Foam screening spline is usually the most reliable of all the kinds of splines available in the market. It’s also the easiest kind of screening spline to work with. When doing any construction in areas prone to insects, durable foam spline assures the security of the screens being installed. Such kinds of spline are available at Alcot Plastics LTD. They are made specifically to withstand any kind of weather conditions such as extreme heat and extreme cool temperatures, which are often the cause of expansion and shrinkage.