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September 24, 2014

In most modern constructions, door and window screens are a very common phenomenon. You may be one of those who wish to install screened doors and windows in your house so as to catch up with the recent trend. The process of installing a screen on your doors is quite simple and cheap. You only need to purchase a screening spline, screen, screening tool and a screw driver. You may also need a pair of scissors, a hammer, nails and a few screws. You will find all these materials and tools in your nearest hardware shop.

Construction of a doorframe may be quite tricky especially if you wish to do it from scratch. You may find an easy way out by purchasing ready-made doorframes that are meant for screens. These frames usually have a channel where you can install the screening spline together with the screen. In order to make work easier, install the screen on the frame before fixing it to the door space of your house. The installation process is quite sensitive. The first step is to lay the screen on the doorframe and ensure that the entire area is covered. Generally, the screen should be slightly larger than the doorframe.

Installation of the screening spline should only be done using a proper screening tool. The tool has a channel that is used to control the motion and depth of the spline into the frame. Note that the spline is inserted into its channel together with the screen. You should ensure that the screen is taut though out the process. Ensure that wrinkles formed are eliminated as quickly as possible. In order to prevent wrinkling at the corners, insert the spline into the corners of the channel using a flat screwdriver. Cut off the excess screen and spline using a pair of scissors and install the door on its frame using screws.