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The Advantage of Foam Screening Spline Compared to Other Spline Types

September 28, 2016

If you’ve ever fixed a window or door frame, then you understand what a screening spline is all about. It is that flexible cord that allows a close-knit fit of the screen on the frame. The market offers several types of splines, which often come in a window screen replacement kit to enhance quick assembly. However, not all screening spline types fit all operations. Alcot Plastics manufactures different types of splines including foam screening spline, round EPDM, flat screen spine, square aluminium, round steel and round hollow core vinyl spline


Foam screening spline

Foam screening spline is designed from round polyfoam. It comes in rolls that resemble electric wires, but it’s solid all way through. It is one of the easiest materials to work with because it’s flexible and easy to handle. The standard diameter sizes for this material include 160, 180, 200 and 250 inch diameters. In the Canadian market, these sizes are sold predominantly by most window suppliers. Alcot Plastics has specifically developed the 250 inch size as a do-it-yourself screen replacement because it is easy to roll in.

Round EPDM spline

The round EPDM screen spline is made from flexile rubber designed with chemicals that make it resistant top UV radiation. In essence, it lasts longer than foam screening spline, but can get brittle when exposed to too much sun. One useful characteristic about the round EDPM screening spline is the fact that it has the ability to stretcha bit as one rolls itin the spline channel. The hollow core vinyl spline also has this characteristic, which makes it useful for when fitting larger diameter splines. For beginners, foam screening spline is considered more useful as it is easier to roll into the channel, and can togglebetween a wide range of frame styles.


T-splining foam is mainly used for very thin screen frames, especially for aluminium storm doors. It is designed with a T-cross section, from where its name comes from. The challenge with T splines is the fact that it must be in its exact size in order to fit the given situation. The biggest advantage of foam screening spline over T-Splineis thatit can be used in any size of window frame.