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The Amazing Properties of Polyethylene Foam

February 25, 2020

Foam materials are widely used in many kinds of applications, from the creation of household products to being used in DIY or craft projects. When it comes to making consumer products, polyethylene foam tops the list of choices for foam materials. It is a type of thermoplastic that is used in insulation, cushioning, and packaging purposes.


Roughly 60 million USD worth of this foam material is being produced globally every year thanks to its unique and functional properties.


Polyethylene foam is incredibly buoyant, which is the key reason why it is a practical choice for applications dealing with nautical products, particularly products that are used to help people learn how to swim such as pool noodles.


It is also a non-abrasive material, making it a great option for packaging delicate consumer products.  They can serve as a thermal insulator, which is why they can be seen anywhere there is a climate control system such as air conditioning. This foam material is also resistant to water, solvents, and greases while being lightweight.


It is therefore not surprising that this material is used in all types of packaging for the food industry and other sectors such as furniture, electronics, clothing, sporting goods, metal parts, and so on. This material can also be designed to either reduce static or optimize thermal insulation. On top of all that, this material is also impervious to bacteria and becoming mouldy, and for the most part, is resistant to tearing. It boasts all these properties while still being one of the cheapest synthetic foam materials currently manufactured.


For this reason, it continues to dominate the market of foam materials, and consumers continue to encounter polyethylene foam in many household products. Even after the using such foam products till they are old and worn out, these products can be easily recycled and used as padding for sharp edges, materials for DIY projects, and more as the foam will continue to maintain some of its structural integrity. Check out the rest of our website for more information about our foam products.