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The Backer Rod: Projects Made Easier

July 18, 2016

A backer rod is an essential construction material for your tiling and flooring needs, as well as for window and door crack repair. This should not limit its applications as it is also useful in stone work and decorative wall paneling.

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So, why use the backer rod instead of just caulking alone? Well, it should be noted that when the backer rod is used and the caulk added to it, it creates a more air tight and water tight seal than when only caulking is used. It also occupies most of the space that would otherwise require a lot of caulking material to be used. In addition, it adds accuracy and firmness that can give a more finished look to the end product.

There are two types of backer rods:

  • Open cell backer rod
  • Closed cell backer rod

The difference lies primarily in how dense the foam used in each is. Each one has a different set of advantages. For the open cell rod, the material is airy and breathable, resulting in versatility and flexibility. The closed cell backer rod is much denser, resulting and rigidity and stability. There is also a slight difference in their installation as the open cell rods are easier to install. They are soft and have large diameters that can be compressed to fit into gaps, depending on the project. A closed cell backer rod is denser and more firm compared to the soft one. It repels water and moisture, thus giving firmness to the seal. The open cell backer rod is commonly used for indoor projects, while the closed cell back rod is utilized in outdoor projects.

Alcot Plastics LTD is dedicated to providing you with quality backer rod products, manufactured with pride using their unique foam extrusion system and innovative design.