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The Benefits of Backer Rods

May 20, 2021

In order to avoid major construction issues that can arise with the passage of time, backer rods are a straightforward solution. These items are lengths of foam that possess flexibility, and they are used for a number of reasons. A backer rod is installed to insulate, act as a cushion, and serve as a backing in joints, foundations, gaps, or cracks. They are successful at helping to control the amount of sealant applied, as well as the sealant’s depth in a particular gap. The most important role of this material is that it functions as a bond breaker, preventing what is known as three sided adhesion or alternatively, three point bonding. This state occurs when there is improper adhesion of the sealant to the bottom and sides of the joint, resulting in the restriction of movement.

Backer rods of various sizes are available at Alcot Plastics Ltd., and our team is committed to meeting your needs with the product line we carry.

Due to the different shapes and widths of joints, foundations, gaps, and cracks, it is important to select a backer rod in the appropriate size, to ensure that sealant depth can be controlled. They vary surrounding their specifications, and are grouped into three main types. These include closed cell, open cell, and a hybrid bi-cellular option.


One feature of a backer rod is that it raises the elasticity within the joint sealant. Additionally, it creates contact between the adhesive and the joint’s sides, forming an hour-glass shape to establish a superior bond. They can also compress to fit a wide range of gaps, and are effective for both exterior and interior surfaces.

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