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The Benefits of Using Foam Screening Spline

September 14, 2018

A screening spline is used in window installations in order to hold the screen against the frame. This essential tool secures the frame to the fitted window screen, ensuring it is well in place and properly insulated.


A screening spline usually comes in a variety of sizes and types. At Alcot, we can help you find the right screening spline in order to secure screens, providing long lasting structural support and insulation.


A foam screening spline provides continuous support regardless of how the frame expands or shrinks, given the temperature and weather. This type of foam screening gives screen frames manufactures and renovators plenty of leeway when it comes to installation, achieving a perfect fit that can last for years.

Here are some of the benefits of using a screening spline in installations or renovations:

·         Foam is one of the easiest and most flexible construction materials to handle. Its flexibility is unparalleled and it is the choice of professional window or door installers. Most of all, it is easy and convenient to roll, install or remove.

·         Our screening splines are engineered using high quality standards and highly versatile materials like polyethylene. They are made to be resistant to extreme weather in order to ensure longevity and excellent performance.

·         Screening splines are made to be versatile and durable materials that are easy to install. They respond better than other solutions to either expansion or shrinkage due to temperature changes. Moreover, there are many situations in which a screening spline can provide additional support in construction.

·         A screening spline from Alcot can perfectly fit various screens, and come in different specifications to meet commercial or residential needs.


We take pride in being a distributor of high quality plastic products, including screening splines. We prioritize product efficiency, quality and excellence. Contact Alcot today to learn more!