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The Difference Between Backer Rods and Soft Backer Rods

September 17, 2019

 Backer rods are useful in an array of application but are primarily used as backing for joints or cracks to regulate the amount of caulking used. Backer rods come in many different shapes and sizes based on specificity of application and need – that’s where soft backer rods come in. These type of backer rods are used in slightly different applications than standard backer rods.


Today we’ll compare and contrast backer rods versus soft backer rods.

Backer Rods

Backer rods are primarily used in applications that require filling – most notably between cracks and gaps between building materials. From tiling, flooring, window paneling and other applications – backer rods are versatile in their ability to assist in multiple sealing applications. Backer rods play a pivotal role in controlling the overall depth of the sealant, provide backing for the sealant, and to prevent instances of triple bonding.

Soft Backer Rods

Like most standard backer rods, soft-type backer rods are perfect for construction joints and other applications in which sealants are commonly used. Soft backer rod composition informs their application. Soft rods by Alcoy Plastics are non-gassing, pliable, and bi-cellular – making the optimal for applications with irregular dimensions and joints. Standard backer rods do not do well in instances where bubbling is a concern.

If you want to learn more about what goes into choosing a suitable backer rod for your application, read our previous blog A Guide to Backer Rods.


Finding a Reputable Backer Rod Manufacturer

When it comes to finding a reputable backer rod manufacturer, know that Alcot Plastics is your number one source for all your extruded polyethylene foam needs. With years of experience, Alcot Plastics maintain a higher standard of excellence when it comes to providing quality polyethylene products. For all your backer rod needs, call Alcot Plastic today – we’d be happy to help!