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The Diverse Uses Of Pool Noodles

February 23, 2022

The long and flexible polyethylene foams known as water wobbles or commonly as pool noodles have multiple applications. They are used as a protective covering for sharp edges, especially in homes with kids to safeguard them against untoward accidents. 

Polyethylene foam, the material used for making water wobbles, is also an excellent insulation material. If you want to keep the water pipes, windows, or doors in your home insulated, you can rely on foam noodles.

Invented by a Canadian man from Ontario, these cylindrical foams are mainly used worldwide by novice swimmers. Swimming instructors recommend rookie swimmers use the buoyant foams during the initial learning period.

This helps swimmers to get comfortable and eventually gain confidence in the water. Using water wobbles is also a great idea for those afraid to get into the water on their own.

Significant Uses of Pool Noodles  

  • Backer rods: Polyethylene foam, the primary material used for making water wobbles and backer rods are the same. Because of this, contractors and homeowners often use pool foam tubes to fill gaps between construction joints. The absorption capability of polyethylene foam makes it an excellent material for filling gaps and offering extra strength to the structure.
  • Can be used in car garages:  If the car garage is not significantly wider, it can be a difficult task to park the car in and take it out without touching the garage walls. In case the car does touch the garage walls, you can prevent it from causing significant damage or scratches by adding soft protective layers on them. By adding railings to garage walls and then covering them with foam tubes, you can protect your car from getting scratched. 

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