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The Great Value of a Soft Rod

September 24, 2018

 A soft rod is a lightweight and flexible material that is often used for projects that require a sealant or caulk for the filling of cracks and joints. A soft backer rod is excellent for helping control the amount of sealant used in joints or cracks. Additionally, it also helps shape sealants into their optimal form. A soft rod is the best choice for projects that have irregular and varying joints where a conventional backer rod won’t suffice.

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Soft backer rods are essential for installations that involve free-flowing or self-leveling sealants or caulking. This is because a soft rod offers flexible to fit into asymmetrical cracks and joints in comparison to a conventional backer rod. Moreover, a soft backer rod can also be used for bridge maintenance and highway construction.

Great Qualities of a Soft Rod

As mentioned earlier, a soft rod is used for a variety of different applications in construction. Here are a few qualities that make a soft rod a great choice for your next construction project:

-          Sealant Regulator: A soft rod is perfect for controlling the amount of sealant within a crack. When you are using caulking in your construction project, it is important to use a soft backer rod to ensure more intimate contact between the joints and caulk. Moreover, a soft rod is great for allowing the sealant to self-level and dry up in the interior of the joint.

-          Compatibility: Varying types of sealants work well with a soft rod. Soft rods can work perfectly with many types of sealants like polysulfide, polyurethane, silicone, acrylic and silicone, and many more!

-          Flexibility: A soft backer rod is made from polyethylene foam, this is what makes it flexible and perfect for irregular cracks and joints. Their flexibility makes it easy to install and control. In comparison, other materials cannot be at par with the compressed and pliable nature of a soft backer rod.

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