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The Highly Versatile Properties and Uses of Polyethylene Foam Products

April 05, 2018

With its high degree of versatility, polyethylene foam is a great material for countless applications. It is one of the most useful materials in the market, in construction and in many products and their packaging.


Polyethylene foam is a closed-cell foam made up of millions of tiny bubbles, making it resistant to water. This product also provides resistance to solvents and prevents the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.


Being a resilient material, polyethylene foam returns to its form even after compression, while providing enough cushion and security where necessary. All of these properties, together with the options for customization, make it usable in a multitude of projects.      


Polyethylene foam is produced from heating polymer compounds. It can also be formulated with additives to alter its properties prior to being heated and extruded into its solid form. It comes in anti-static and fire retardant varieties. These additives are included in the formula, as opposed to adding afterwards, enabling the features to be consistent all the way through the material.


As with other types of foams, it is available in varying densities for various application purposes. The bigger the density of polyethylene, the smaller and thicker the cell walls are, resulting to a stronger material. The anti-static property of this foam helps handling, packaging and transportation of fragile electronics by dissipating the electro-static charges that can damage parts.


Polyethylene foam is also resistant to heat. Higher grades even have the potential to self-extinguish when ignited, making them a perfect choice in insulation and construction. Some foams contain both of these characteristics for a highly specialized job such as in sensitive machinery.


Apart from these high performance properties, polyethylene foam comes in different shapes and sizes. It is most commonly seen in its sheet or plank form which has a rigidity when cut into thick sections. The rolls of this product are made of very thin sheets which offer flexibility to be used in a variety of applications such as in the case of pool noodles and backer rods. With its range of densities, formulations and styles, along with its multiple use, polyethylene is one of the most versatile foam products offering broad possibilities.


Alcot Plastics provides polyethylene products crafted with highly stable and excellent physical and chemical formulations. Whether it will be for personal or industrial use, in either small-scale or large-scale production, our high quality polyethylene foam products perform up to any industry standards.