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The Importance of Screening Splines

October 11, 2022

Screening spline is a vital component of window and door screen repair. Foam splines are used to hold screens in place, and they're designed to fit around the opening of a window or door frame. They're made from polyethylene foam, which is a strong material that holds up well to weather. The chance of shrinkage or expansion due to extreme weather conditions is significantly low with polyethylene foam.

Factors that make foam splines crucial for windows

  • Screening splines are important as they are used to repair both new and old windows and doors. Old windows and doors can become loose over time, but they can also be damaged by water or other things that may get into them—like leaves or bugs. 

  • If you want to replace your old windows or doors with new ones, foam splines can help hold them in place while they're being installed. It is essential to deal with any gaps that appear between the window frame and the screen. This is because such gaps can provide an entryway for bugs to your home.

  • Gaps are also troublesome because of the fact that they contribute to increased energy bills. Your house being airtight and having no leaks ensure that the HVAC system does not constantly function under pressure. Any gaps in your window or door lead the HVAC system to draw more power in order to provide clean air to the different rooms of your home.

The holes in window and door frames get bigger over time due to wear and tear if not dealt with in time, so it's important not only for them to last long enough for you to replace them with new ones but also for them not to get so big that they're no longer holding your screen securely anymore. You can rely on Alcot Plastics Ltd. for sourcing the best quality screening splines. Our facility has the capability to manufacture a wide range of polyethylene foam products, including foam splines, soft backer rods, and pool noodles. Call us today to learn about the wide range of products we offer.