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The Importance Of Screening Splines

February 28, 2022

In any home, windows are essential elements in terms of utility and aesthetics. Everything from the window style to the material used for the shutters plays an important role in the overall aesthetics of your home. 

For keeping the window screen intact in its place within the frame, contractors rely on screening splines. Polyfoam, EPDM, T-splining and solid core vinyl are the four main types of splines used to keep the screen fixed within its frame.
Here are a few factors that make screening splines essential
Prevents improper window screen fitting: If the window screen is not properly fit in its frame using good quality splines, having gaps between the screen and the frame is inevitable. Gaps are a big problem as far as window panes are concerned. 
Gaps in windows lead to the following problems.

  • Poor insulation: For your HVAC system to function at the optimal level, all gaps need to be effectively sealed. The resultant gaps because of not using splines for fitting window screens can put stress on your HVAC system. Poor insulation and increased stress on the HVAC system also mean more energy bills.
  • Access for bugs: Any gaps in windows can lead to a bug and insect problem in your house. Even a small gap in your window can give mosquitoes access to your home, causing unwanted menace.

Weather-resistant: One of the significant factors that make screening splines essential is that they are weather resistant. Thanks to their UV, heat, and cold-resistant features, splines do not expand or shrink and can hold window screens in place for long periods.
When you use screening splines manufactured by dependable brands like Alcot Plastics, you do not have to worry about their quality or durability. Alcot Plastics has decades of experience manufacturing foam splines, backer rods, and polyethylene foam of the best quality.