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The Many Uses of Polyethylene Foam

July 04, 2018

Polyethylene foam is synthetic foam that has a lot of uses for many different applications. With its ability to be manufactured with either a dense or soft structure offers protection for a number of different situations. This offers a practical solution to packaging, padding and sensitive instruments.


Polyethylene foam has a variety of uses in a number of industries!


Here’s a list of a few of the many different uses of polyethylene foam:

·         Automotive – Dashboard padding on cars often benefit from its denser structure that mimics a sturdy platform with a few hints of comfort. Polyethylene foam is also well known for being used on side panels as well as providing engine control unit (ECU) impact protection when it is bolted on to the chassis.

·         Household – Often used to support design structures like bed mattress corners, sofa side trims and its corners, its able to maintain the design shape for extended periods of time. This makes the furnishings more cost efficient while providing comfort!

·         Motorsports – Polyethylene foam is commonly used for roll bar padding and helmet impact protection.

·         Packaging – From bottle stoppers to providing protection for computer chip packaging, this foam does the job quite well and is often the choice due to its reliability.


With such a wide variety of applications in a number of industries, polyethylene foam is incredibly useful. When you work with us at Alcot Plastics, we’re capable of manufacturing polyethylene foam products custom-made for you! Whether you need foam for your automotive application like roll bars for your vehicle, or a household application like mattress padding, we’re able to provide foam solutions tailored to your needs.


We have experience manufacturing polyethylene foam for a variety of projects, be it commercial, industrial, or recreational – we’ve done them all. When you work with us, we ensure that we make the polyethylene foam product best suited for your needs!