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The Many Uses of Polyethylene Foam

January 16, 2018

Closed cell polyethylene foam is a strong and resilient material that contains a high-level of chemical cross linking. It is a semi-rigid product that is designed and engineered with a fine uniform cell structure which makes it suitable for a remarkable number of applications and situations.


Closed cell polyethylene foams are commonly used in an incredible amount of products, materials and parts.


They can be used in barriers, insulation, shock absorption devices, vibration dampening or product buoyancy. They are also commonly used for packaging applications to add a cushion for delicate products.  


Due to its numerous properties, polyethylene foams is a versatile material suitable for a wide range of applications. Given its excellent buoyancy, polyethylene foam is used in a lot of nautical and floatation devices. They are also used for manufacturing in a wide range of consumer items like toys, devices and accessories as well as storage and the transport of sensitive electronic devices. This material is also an excellent replacement for natural rubber, PVC, neoprene, polyurethane foam and more.


Some of the benefits and common uses of Polyethylene foam are:


??     Impressive vibration and impact absorption properties.

??     Used as expansion joints, sound proofing, nail washers, glazing seals and more.

??     Excellent weather and chemical resistance properties including oils and fuels.

??     Remarkable buoyancy and low water absorption properties.

??     Used in life jackets, oil boom floats, cockpit cushions, life buoys and more.

??     Excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties.

??     Used in gaskets and seats, interior padding, carpet underlay and other applications in the automotive industry.

??     Used in wedges soles, top line padding, molded soles, runners and more.

??     Used to manufacture floatation devices such as kick boards, buoyancy aids and canoe seats.

??     Used for toys as trampoline pads, sports mats, camping bedrolls and more.


A closed polyethylene foam is designed to be neither solid nor flexible, it is engineered to have a semi-rigid structure that features a variety of textures. When used in a range of materials, the foam is very flexible and versatile, suitable for customization and adaptable to any situation.