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The Proper Use of Screening Spline

November 21, 2018


Often used to secure screens on windows or doors, its purpose is to prevent entry of mosquitoes, flies, wasps and other insects. Screen spline usually comes in rolls that resemble an electrical wire but is solid; it helps secure the screen onto the wooden or aluminum window frame and doors.

Installation and proper use

The screen spline acts as a holder that secures the screen onto the frame (window or door) it is responsible in giving a snug fit acting as a channel or groove without causing any damage to the screen itself.

It also provides a proper and aesthetically pleasing look to the screened door or window, lessening the chance of screen damage is another proper benefit

Like most securing or sealing components it provides a different texture/flexibility to both the screen itself and the frame. The benefit of which lets you fit the screen nicely and snug, it also provides an extended time of use for the screen.

Why you should use a screen spline?

Given the varied options for installation there are also numerous improper ways that give a shortened screen life, aesthetically non-pleasing view and eventually greater expense due to the need of early repairs. Examples of improper screen installation are listed below.

1.       Securing the screen with nails - This crude way often damages the frame itself because you are punching holes to the frame with the nail and will look rather crude

2.       Screen being secured by clips or brackets - Causes  screen damage due to the clip or bracket pulling through the screen and damaging it in the process

3.       Wedging - by using a form of inner frame to wedge or press the screen into place makes for an unusual window or door screen look, it also minimally decreases the overall window size due to the addition of the inner frame