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The Pros Of Using Pool Noodles

June 13, 2022

Swimming is an important life skill that everyone should learn. Apart from the fact that swimming in a pool is one of the most fun and relaxing activity, learning how to swim can even potentially save your life someday.

Swimming is also effective if you are looking to get fit and toned. It is a well-known fact that swimming requires us to use all our muscles in the body. Completing a few laps of a swimming pool can do wonders for your health. If you are someone who wants to learn to swim but is scared, fret not. You can get rid of this fear with the help of pool noodles, also known as water woggles.

Here Are the Benefits of Using Water Woggles

Helps you get rid of the fear
One of the major roadblocks to learning swimming is the fear of getting in the pool. You might imagine extreme scenarios about drowning, making it difficult for you to take that first step. You can rely on pool noodles to help you get rid of this fear. Made of polyethylene foam, the water woggles have excellent buoyancy and help you stay afloat. All you have to do is grab the foam noodles and get into the pool. 

Master various swimming styles
The next step after overcoming your fear of getting in the pool is to learn how to swim. There are numerous swimming styles that you can learn with the help of foam noodles. Front crawl also referred to as freestyle, is one of the most common swimming styles. To perfect freestyle swimming, you have to stretch your arms forward and hold the water woggles using both your hands. Once your body is parallel to the swimming pool floor, start padding your legs to move forward. Practise a few days until you are confident to swim without any assistance.
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