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The Three Backer Rods Ideal For Property Development

March 10, 2020

Those in the business of laying down the foundations of a property have a deep rooted understanding as to how important backer rods are. 


These remain the product of choice for developers looking to fill in gaps or nooks that may exist between concrete panels. 

In doing so, developers achieve an exceptional seal that has a marked improvement on insulation, noise-proofing, and the property’s overall structural integrity. Knowledge, however, like most things, is the backing behind a foolproof selection of the right backer rods. Here is an overview detailing three common rods on the market that you can consider for your projects:

Open Cell

Polyurethane foam is a highly durable material with a spray variant for rehabilitating roofs. Open cell rods can fill out a number of concrete panel joint widths; their expansive property allows them to apply significant compression to seal gaps in addition to caulking. Most developers use them to fill in gaps where malleable materials like these are more practical to use than alternatives. 

Closed Cell

Polyethylene foam will not absorb water and has limited expansion properties. And developers cannot leave it over-compressed. However, their practical nature comes to fruition when filling out fixed-width gaps and looking to conserve resources (e.g. avoiding wasted caulk and sealant material). Just like open cell backer rods, closed cell rods provide excellent insulative properties.


The combined properties of both open and closed cell foam (i.e. a hybrid) allow it to excel in situations that neither of the two constituents could prove effective at handling. Only specialty manufacturers such as Alcot Plastics can build hybrid rods that are designed for maximal insulation efficiency and structural stability without any frills.

A backer your project can build a foundation on

Alcot Plastics is one of the longest standing (>30 years) and most reputable companies in Canada to source any custom polyethylene foam products you find yourself needing. Give us a call and we can provide you with the best plastic products in the market!