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The Use of Polyethylene Foam in Mattresses

April 11, 2023


Making a good mattress is no less than a challenge. After all, a poorly manufactured mattress will make you lose sleep, quite literally. Well, let us introduce you to the magic ingredient that can make all the difference in your sleeping experience - polyethylene foam or PPE foam. In this blog post, we will explore why this lightweight and durable material is becoming increasingly popular in mattresses and how it works wonders when it comes to creating the perfect mattress. 

How is Polyethylene Foam Used in Mattresses?

Polyethylene foam, also known as PE foam, is commonly used in mattress construction as a comfort layer. PE foam is soft and responsive, helping to contour the body for added pressure relief. It is also highly durable and has superior motion isolation capabilities. PE foam is often used as either a transition layer between firmer foams or coils or as the top comfort layer in mattresses that are designed to be all foam.
PE foam is also used in mattress covers and toppers. It often acts as a waterproof layer that prevents liquids from seeping into the mattress, while still allowing air to pass through. Additionally, PE foam is used to create mattress encasements, which are designed to keep allergens and dust mites out of the mattress.

Qualities of Good Polyethylene Foam

1. Lightweight: It is extremely lightweight, making it easier to transport and install.
2. Durable: Polyethylene foam is highly durable and can withstand a range of temperatures and impacts without warping or cracking.
3. Water Resistant: It is waterproof, meaning it can prevent water from entering the space between it and any other materials.
4. Versatile: PPE foam can be easily cut, shaped and formed into various sizes and shapes for a variety of uses.
5. Non-Toxic: PPE foam does not contain any toxic ingredients that could be hazardous in its raw form or when heated or exposed to extreme temperatures during installation processes.



To sum up, PPE foam is a great choice for mattresses due to its supportive yet comfortable nature. It is also an affordable material that can be used in many different types of mattresses, from memory foam to pocket-sprung beds. With the right care and maintenance, your mattress made from polyethylene foam will provide years of quality sleep. Apart from mattresses, PPE foam is also used in manufacturing packaging materials for electronics and glass items.  Alcot Plastics Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of polyethylene foam. We have decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying PPE foam products like backer rods and pool noodles. Contact us to learn about everything we can do for you.