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The Use of Polyethylene Foam In The Packaging Industry

December 16, 2022

 Polyethylene foam, also known as PPE foam, is a type of plastic that is commonly used in packaging. It is made from a material called polyethylene, which is a synthetic polymer. PPE foam is lightweight, durable, and resistant to moisture and chemicals. It is also recyclable. This foam has many applications in the packaging industry. It is often used to cushion and protect products during shipping. It can also be used to create void fill, which helps to prevent products from shifting during transport. Read on to learn about some of the ways that PPE foam can be used in packaging.

The Different Types of Polyethylene Foam

PPE foam comes in a variety of different types, each with its own unique benefits and applications. The most common types of polyethylene foam are expanded polyethylene (EPE), extruded polyethylene (XPE), and cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE).


Expanded Polyethylene: Expanded polyethylene is produced by heating beads of polyethylene until they expand and become lightweight and porous. EPE has a wide range of applications, including packaging, cushioning, and insulation.


Extruded Polyethylene: Extruded polyethylene is a denser, more durable type of foam than EPE. It is made by extruding molten polyethylene through a die to create long sheets or rolls of foam. XPE is often used in packaging applications where higher levels of cushioning and protection are required.


Cross-Linked Polyethylene: Cross-linked polyethylene is the strongest and most durable type of PPE foam. It is made by chemically cross-linking polymer chains to form a stronger, more resilient material. XLPE is often used in industrial and commercial applications where demanding conditions require a stronger foam.

Polyethylene foam and the packaging industry

-This foam is light and strong, making it ideal for protecting items during shipping. Polyethylene foam can be moulded into any shape, which makes it versatile for use in a variety of packaging applications.


-PPE foam is often used as cushioning material in packaging. It helps to protect delicate items from damage during shipping. The foam can be moulded to fit around the item, providing a snug fit that helps to prevent movement and reduce the risk of breakage.


-PPE foam can also be used as insulation in packaging. It helps to keep temperature-sensitive items cool during transit. The foam can be moulded to fit around the item, providing a barrier between the item and the outside environment.


-PPE foam is an affordable, lightweight, and versatile option for packaging. It can help to protect items from damage during shipping and keep them cool during transit.

Polyethylene foam is a versatile material that has a wide range of applications in the packaging industry. It is an excellent choice for cushioning and protecting fragile items during shipping and handling.

PPE foam is also highly resistant to moisture, making it an ideal packaging material for products that are sensitive to environmental conditions. You can rely on Alcot Plastics Ltd. for PPE foam products of all types, including screening splines and backer rods. Call us today to get a free quote.