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The Uses of Pool Noodles in Households with Children

February 11, 2020

Just because the pool season is over and done with, that does not mean your pool noodles no longer serve a purpose. Parents will be delighted to know that there are a lot of other things that can be done with foam noodles – you can recycle them for use as toys or as DIY materials. The best part is you can involve your kids in the arts and crafts process of recycling the noodles.


Here are some ideas for what you can do:


DIY Horse Toy

A do-it-yourself stick horse is super simple to make. Insert a stick of suitable length inside the foam noodle, leaving about a foot of the foam noodle free so that it can be folded down to form the head of the horse. Tie down the head to the stick with a band or string of some kind. Stick googly eyes on the front of the face and you’re done! Foam horse toys are a lot safer and more comfortable for children to play with. Furthermore, they’re super inexpensive.



All you need for this are some pool noodles, a sheet to serve as a covering, and duct tape. Attach the ends of four foam noodles to create a square that serves as the foundation of the playhouse. At every corner, attach a foam noodle extending upwards. From each of these tips, attach a noodle extending diagonally upwards to create a roof. Drape a sheet over the structure and voila, you have a safe playhouse with no edges that may hurt your little ones.


Bed Bumpers

Pool noodles are great for securing sharp edges of furniture such as bedposts so that they are less unsafe for children to be around. Simply slice open the noodle from the middle, wrap it around the edge, and glue or tape it down.


As you can see, foam products are incredibly versatile. The main advantage of foam is that it is soft, malleable, and safe. For more information on our products, check out our website!