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The Various Uses of Pool Noodles

May 08, 2018

Pool noodles are typically used as toys for children that help them swim and float in pools. Yet, while pool noodles are used as toys, they can also be used in a variety of ways. From child-proofing tools and furniture to being used as actual furniture, here are some of the various uses that pool noodles provide.


Pool noodles – while primarily sold as toys – offer so many opportunities to be used elsewhere!



Pool noodles can easily be used as edge protectors, as a safety precaution for children! Simply cutting a pool noodle in half and placing it at the edge of anything sharp, greatly decreases the chance of any harm coming to your children when they potentially come in contact with it.

For example, by cutting a line to the hollow center of a pool noodle, you can place it on the wires of a trampoline. Therefore, if your children might jump to the rim of a trampoline, the pool noodles would act as padding for the wires, preventing harm that might come to your children!

Pool noodles can also be used as door stoppers, both for household doors and car doors! Halving a pool noodle and carefully placing it at the edge of a door will prevent doors from slamming, which will definitely help in making your house a little quieter.

Using a pool noodle for car doors is applicable to cars parked in a garage. If you’re ever worried about you or your children opening a car door and hitting the wall of the garage, simply half a pool noodle and bolt or hammer it on the wall to act as a cushion for doors that open too far!



A child’s imagination can be limitless. Pool noodles can be both a floating device and a sword, or even a snake! A great imagination can help you and your children think of creative ways to use pool noodles.

For example, with some duct tape and multiple pool noodles, you can easily build a safe play structure for your children to play in! Simply duct tape the noodles together, throw a blanket or tarp over it, and you have yourself a makeshift tent that can house your children inside!

For more adult entertainment, there are times you might just want to relax at the pool with a couple of friends. If you cut up a few pool noodles, tie them together and bore the center of a noodle and place it on top, you can make yourself a raft for your drink – or for a better name – a cup holder!


When it comes to thinking of creative ways to use pool noodles, it narrows down to having two uses: safety and entertainment. Pool noodles are incredibly useful, due to the safety and buoyancy it provides. At Alcot Plastics, we provide pool noodles for whatever use you might have for them!