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The Versatility of the Pool Noodle

May 10, 2017

Pool activities are usually fun. However, sometimes if the participants are first-time swimmers, toddlers or children, activities in the pool pose a danger: drowning. To eliminate this risk, pool noodles are used to keep such participants afloat. They are lightweight and don’t absorb water. Their texture is smooth and typically does not cause irritable skin reactions.

Not only can pool noodles be used in fun pool and swimming activities, but they are also used in rescue missions and swimming lessons. They are surprisingly versatile and are used for numerous DIY projects in the form of buffers and bumpers, party décor, storing wires and cables away from toddlers, making simple fun toys for children as well as for water workouts.

Pool noodles come in a variety of colors and sizes. They are made using polyethylene foam which is resistant to corrosive liquids. These noodles are extremely cheap especially when bought in bulk. They can be used in industrial applications such as insulating pipes and cables running through buildings. They have excellent impact absorption properties for such functions.

When purchasing these pool essentials, always check to see that the manufacturer is known for quality polythene foam products to ensure optimum service. Alcot Plastics is a leader among the best producers of polyethylene foam products. We manufacture pool noodles in a variety of colours and sizes, with a standard diameter ranging from 2 ½" to 3 ½". If you’re looking specifically for just polyethylene foam, we can work with you to create a specific shape and make sure it’s suitable for your particular application. Some of our recent custom work involving polyethylene includes mattress components, roll bar padding for racing cars, custom bottle stoppers and packaging for products that includes electronics, glass items and toys. Call us today to learn more about how we can work for you!