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Three Clever and Creative Activities for Your Pool Noodles

August 14, 2019

It is difficult to think of a swimming pool and not imagine pool noodles within the setting you might envision, it might even feel shallow without them there. These tubular polyethylene friends of ours come in a wide array of colours, and serve a host of practical functions such as acting as a float aid, a learning instrument, or to even just recreationally splash around with friends.


There are, however, a vast assortment of activities that you may not have even considered. With a little ingenuity, your foam noodles can create unforgettable memories with your friends and family, and be repurposed for years to come.


Let us kick-start your creative gears to start turning by inspiring you with three projects you can initiate with your pool noodles today:


1)    Truffula Trees

Dr. Seuss, an author synonymous with the word creativity, can impart a little creative genius into your foam noodle project. Truffula trees, a famous species of tree from Dr. Seuss’s book “The Lorax”, act as the perfect foundation for recreating these tufty characters with any noodles you may have lying around; sparking the imagination of children by adding character to an otherwise ordinary space.


2)    Not Your Average Sprinkler

Your foam noodles have been designed around water, so why can’t they manage it too? The process is simple – create an assortment of holes in a pattern of your choosing around the perimeter of a noodle, seal off an open end, place vertically, insert a hose into the one remaining open end, and you now have a sprinkler that livens up your environment and those around it.


3)     Interactive Water Wall

Finally, your foam noodles do not only have to act as a decorative piece, they can provide new avenues of interactivity that people of different ages can enjoy in the form of a water wall. By hanging your noodles onto a vertical surface - typically a peg board works best - you can create puzzles, competitions to see which pipe shoots out water first, and educational concepts surrounding flow rates depending on pipe lengths.


If you are creatively inclined, this list will act as just the launching pad to move on to grander and more imaginative solutions for your foam noodles.


For almost 40 years at Alcot Plastics, we have been in the business of manufacturing polyethylene foam products, including pool noodles, for our extensive array of clients; resulting in facility that is now four times larger than the one we first started with. With our proprietary techniques for foam extrusion, you can be sure to receive your pool noodles from our facility faster than anticipated!