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May 23, 2014

Installation of new screen doors and replacement of screening spline can be quite tedious and sensitive especially for the first timers. There are a couple of steps which need to be followed in order to achieve a perfect job by the end the day. Replacement of the spline may be necessary when the old one worn out or when the screen loosens its grip against the frame. Installation of a new screen door will require one to do the whole process from scratch starting with the placement of the base strip on the door frame.

The necessary materials and tools required for the whole process include: an appropriate screening spline, cutting shears, rubber mallet, screw gun, drill, screw driver and a screening tool. The base strip is first attached to the wood frame using 1 inch wood screws. The drilling machine serves perfectly in drilling the screw holes. When fixing the screws, caution should be taken not to over tighten them as this causes the base strips to bend. The screws have to be well distributed throughout the frame for better stability. The builder should also ensure that the base strip is not exposed to the sun at all.

Installation of the base strip is usually followed by rolling of the screen into the frame and placement of the screening spline. The screen and spline are rolled starting from the top then to the side and finally to the bottom. This ensures that the spline is held tightly in position. The excess screening is trimmed using the cutting shears and the cap later snapped to the base with the rubber hammer. Replacement of worn out screening spline is quite simple and can be termed as a DIY task. All one needs to do is remove the old spline and replace it with the new one using the screening tool. For easier installation, the spline is placed from one of the top corners.