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Top 10 Uses for Pool Noodles

February 01, 2017

Few things are as versatile and inexpensive as a pool noodle.

We have our top 10 favorite sues for pool noodles. What are some of yours?

10. Slice them up into donuts for stackable play blocks that float! Fill the tub with colorful pool noodle donuts for your toddler and enjoy a fun bath time.

9. Cut lengthwise along a pool noodle to make an instant cable organizer. Tuck your cables into the tube and it’s safe from pets and tangles.

8. Protect your car door and your garage wall with a pool noodle. Cut the pool noodle in half length-wise, and glue or nail it to the wall of your garage. When you open the car door, it will have a cushion to prevent any damages.

7. Rope pool noodles together to make a pool raft for the kids! Add more to make the raft bigger, or untie them to reuse the pool noodles for something else once they’re dried.

6. Keep your tall boots upright and clean. Cut a pool noodle to the height of your boots, and fit them into each shoe when not in use. This keeps your boots from dragging on the ground and damaging your leather or suede.

5. Place a pool noodle under the bedsheet and along the outside edge of the bed. This makes a ledge to keep your child from rolling off the bed at night.

4. Float your beverages with you in the pool by strapping some pool noodles around the perimeter of a plastic bin. Now you can keep your drinks cool and within reach at your pool party!

3. If you have a trampoline with the springs exposed around the edges, slice up some pool noodles to encase each spring. Keep it colorful and keep it safe.

2. Fabric and quilts are usually kept in rolls to prevent creasing. Roll your sheets around a pool noodle to keep them pristine for your next sewing project.

1. Got duct tape? Wrap duct tape around the end of the pool noodle to make a lightsaber handle, and let the Jedi in your household run wild!