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Trust Polyethylene Foam For All Your Packaging Needs

January 29, 2024
Polyethylene foam for packaging from Alcot Plastics Ltd. in Guelph, ON

Quick logistic solutions have become a necessity in today's interconnected world. Thanks to the boom in e-commerce, the borders have been blurred and the markets have merged to become one giant global market. With so much transportation and shipping occurring daily, have you thought about what businesses and logistics service providers do to ensure the safety of products during transit? They invest in packaging materials! The job of the packaging material is to ensure that the products are not damaged while being transported in ships, airplanes, trains, or freight trucks. Polyethylene foam is among the most trusted packaging materials in the world. Read this blog until the end to learn what makes polyethylene foam the ideal packaging material.


Why Polyethylene Foam is The Ideal Packaging Material


Exceptional Cushioning Ability

PE foam is known for its exceptional cushioning ability. It is this ability that makes this polymer highly suitable as a packaging solution. Why is cushioning ability so important? It is important to protect products from shock, impacts, vibrations, and even changes during shipping and handling. Cushioning ability protects even fragile items like glass from breaking or being damaged.


The heavier the packaging is, the more expensive it becomes to ship the product to the customer. Any packaging material used by businesses shouldn't be too heavy. Another advantage of using polyethylene foam as a packaging material is its lightweight nature. The light weight means that transportation will be relatively cheaper for businesses. Unlike other materials like wood or metal, polyethylene foam helps reduce shipping costs by minimizing the overall weight of the package without compromising on protection.


Polyethylene foam is increasingly flexible because it can be easily moulded into any shape. PE foam can be effectively used for protecting products of all shapes and sizes. From glassware and mobile phones to furniture and antique items, PE foam is the perfect packaging solution for all businesses. 
As we have seen in this blog, Polyethylene foam is undoubtedly the ideal packaging material for a wide range of applications. Alcot Plastics Ltd. in Guelph, ON, is a brand you can trust for all your PE foam needs. We manufacture and supply custom profile PE foam along with products like backer rods, screening splines, pipe insulation, and pool noodles. Call us today to learn about all we can do for you. We supply our PE foam products to clients across North America.