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Types of Screening Spline Materials

December 06, 2016

 It is important to know what options of screening spline are available, especially if you are a homeowner. You may run into this if your contractors did not install the right screening spline, or if your current ones have been worn away or damaged. These materials are used for windows and doors among other purposes.


Prepackaged screen splines

These come packed in different sizes depending on the user’s needs. Conventionally, their length is usually 25 feet long, and are best suited for instances where shorter screening spline is required. In their making, it’s common to use a variety of diameters ranging from 0.25” upwards.  


Rounded polyform

Splines come in rolls that resemble electric wires and cables, but they are in solid-state all through. Some also resemble rubber tubing’s that are solid. In their making, these rolled splines offer high flexing features so can be straightened easily without breaking, cracking or developing dents.


Rounded EPDM Splines

Designed and crafted from flexible rubber, the EPDM splines are best suited for use in areas requiring longer service life before any repair can be done. For example, when your splined windows are positioned high above your head position, the EPDM type will ensure that you’ll have minimal repairs on those areas. Although most are in the solid state, others are also available with a hollow core vinyl.      


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