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Types of Screening Splines

February 21, 2017

 The use of a screening spline has become an everyday component in the construction and renovations industry. As such, manufacturers have come up with varying options aimed at meeting various consumer needs. At the verge of attaining optimal results, a screening spline is a central component in attaining excellence in buildings and other construction fixtures. Below are some common types of splines available on the market:

Rounded polyfoam spline

These are electrical wire-like splines crafted to offer a solid-state finish and a sense of improved sturdy. Unlike rubber based splines, the polyfoam type has small air bubbles, making it easy to craft a novice finish whenever used.

The Round EPDM spline

The EPDM spline type is crafted from a flexible rubber making it highly resistant to chemical corrosion or damage by UV rays. As a result, this type of spline is more durable than most other splining materials. In making the screening spline more effective in its workmanship, it is designed to work with a hollow core or as a standalone.

Flat spline

Also known as the joint spline, the flat type is conventionally crafted with fairly flat surfaces. At its finest use, the flat spline can be effectively used in framing sharp glass edges, while covering surfaces exposed to damage by bad weather and other environmental hazards.

Prepackaged screen spline

These are specialty splining materials crafted to match the needs in various industries. They are crafted in different shapes, sizes, and dimensions and can be effectively trimmed to shape and size depending on the required use and needs of the end user.

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