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Uncommon Uses of the Common Pool Noodle

November 30, 2016

In case you were wondering then no, you cannot eat a pool noodle. But kids adore these noodles nevertheless. They are soft, spongy and a fun play toy for the pool. A pool noodle is a cylindrical piece of polyethylene foam that is sometimes hollow. Pool noodles come in several vibrant hues and serve just as many, if not more purposes. In some regions, they are also called woodle, water log and aqua noodle.


Apart from being a play toy, these pool noodles can help in floating, learning how to swim, and even in rescue missions. Some cheap pool noodles and your creativity is all you need to come up with fun ideas for pool games, and your kids’ birthday pool parties will never be boring again!


What makes these pool noodles extra special is that they have a plethora of uses outside the pool as well. You can fill your long winter boots with cut-ups of these noodles so that they hold their shape. You can also create a bumper on your garage wall to avoid any uncalled for bumps and bruises on your car. You can make festive wreaths, floating LED candles and some nice rustic decor as well.


The list can easily go on. With a plastic container, duct tape and some pool noodles you can create a floating bar (a.k.a. beverage boat) to hold your drinks for a pool party. You can also use these along with duct tape and a bed sheet to make a safe play tent for your kids. Water exercises and workouts can make great use of the humble pool noodle to liven up the dynamic.



There is no doubt that pool noodles are really versatile. They are useful in the pool as well as outside of it. They are useful for kids and adults alike. They are cheap, safe and totally awesome!