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Understanding Foam Screening Splines

November 21, 2023
The best foam screening splines in Ontario from Alcot Plastics Ltd.

There are way too many elements that go into building a beautiful home. The margin for error is low in the construction industry. Even the tiniest lapse can result in costly repairs. All things considered, windows are crucial to a building's visual appeal and functionality. The simple design of the window enables us to control the elements from entering our homes. What's more? The use of glass means that we can enjoy natural light even when the windows are closed. There's a secret hero that ensures windows does their job well. We are talking about foam screening splines. We discuss in this blog all you need to know about our screening splines. 


All You Need To Know About Foam Screening Splines

A foam screening spline is essentially a flexible strip made from polyethylene foam. These flexible splines are used to secure window screens firmly to their frames. These splines are also used by contractors to secure doors. The flexible nature of the foam splines allows them to fit into narrow grooves. 
They sit beside the window frame's edge and hold the screen securely. Flexibility is one of the most important benefits of screening splines. They can be easily manufactured in different thicknesses and lengths to accommodate diverse needs. The problem with choosing a screening spline that is too big or thick is that it won't fit in the groove perfectly. 
Foam splines are preferred over other materials like rubber or vinyl due to their ability to compress and retain the original shape. Foam screening splines are also highly resistant to weather elements such as UV rays and moisture. The high resistance helps foam splines to last longer without needing to be replaced. 
To sum it up, understanding foam screening splines can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining well-fitted screens for your windows or doors. 
In this blog, we have seen just how important foam screening splines are. Alcot Plastics Ltd. understands this and therefore manufactures top-quality foam screening splines. Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to manufacture top-notch polyethylene foam products like backer rods, pool noodles, and screening splines. Call us today to place an order.