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Understanding the Properties of Polyethylene Foam

July 31, 2019

Polyethylene foam is one of those products that are widely used across various industries, and yet most people don’t even know their name. Polyethylene foam can be used to make pool noodles, as packaging material, and as mattress components. It is a closed-cell material, making it excellent at vibration dampening and insulation against elevated temperatures.

In today’s post, let’s talk about the different amazing properties of polyethylene foam.

Chemical and Moisture Resistance

Because of its composition and structure, polyethylene foam can resist moisture, chemicals, grease, and solvents. This makes it a highly valued component of many products and packages as it is incredibly durable.

Low Cost

Polyethylene foam can help you reduce your bottom line thanks to it being an incredibly cheap but effective alternative.


This type of foam is almost weightless. This is despite its incredible strength and resistance to tears. Again, this property makes it ideal for packaging so it will not add too much weight.

Shock Absorbing

Fragile products that undergo a rigorous shipping process need to be packaged or wrapped with polyethylene foam as it has great shock absorption powers. In addition, it is also very buoyant, which is a great bonus to have if you’re thinking about potential mishaps products might face when being transported across bodies of water.

Resists moulds and bacteria

Its resistance to mildew, mould, and bacteria makes polyethylene foam incredibly long-lasting and ideal for packaging agricultural goods, or other more organic products.

Polyethylene foam also makes for a great DIY material. You can easily cut and shape the pieces into different products that can be used for a variety of applications ranging from bottle stoppers to roll-bar padding for race cars.

Indeed, polyethylene foam offers countless benefits for you and your business. Alcot Plastics supplies polyethylene foam for both commercial and industrial uses. In addition, we are able to customize for specific shapes and tailor the product to your exact needs.