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Uses of Pool Noodles

February 17, 2016

Pool noodles are a polyethylene foam product used by people of all ages to learn how to swim, water games, aquatic exercise, and even rescue research. They are similar to industrial foam insulation pipes, but with some minute differences. Industrial foam is typically denser, having a reinforcement layer on the outside. Pool noodles are also called “water logs” and there are regional names such as “woggle” in the United Kingdom.

Fantasy medieval warfare often uses pool noodles as a form of weapon. It is generally very easy to make this type of fantasy weapon and very safe to use extensively. People who engage in fantasy cosplay as a hobby prefer foam weapons because they are safe, light to carry, and can be painted fairly realistically. Test cutting targets are also made from pool noodles and are commonly used by modern martial artists. Pool noodles are cost effective, and are much cheaper than meat mats. During robotic league competitions, polyethylene noodles were used as a bumper to protect the robots from collision damages. Bumpers can also be installed in garages to prevent dings in cars. These noodles are usually attached to walls adjacent to where you park to safeguard both the car and the wall from damage.

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