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Using Foam Screening Splines To Shore Up Those Screens

May 23, 2018

Foam screening spline is a great material for the installation of screens in door and window frames. It is a flexible material which helps to adhere the screen tautly to the frame. Note: wood and metal, materials from which window and door frames are commonly made, are sensitive to temperature changes in that they will expand when hot and contract when it is cold. A cyclical expansion and contraction can damage and render ineffective other means of adhering screen to doors and windows.


Foam screening pline is a great material to use for window and door screen fittings. It reduces installation effort, and as a hard-wearing material it performs well in all conditions.


Foam screening spline on the other hand is a flexible material; one which can accommodate the natural expansion of your door or window. It ensures a tight fit for the screen and keeps the fitting sealed.

Moreover, foam screening spline being flexible means that it fits around corners better and reduces installation effort. Also, while door and window frames with expand and contract with temperature, foam screening spline does not get softer in hotter temperatures and harder on colder days. Retaining its structural rigidity helps it maintain a taut screen fitting.

Alcot Plastics is known for its high quality foam products. We pioneered a new process of polyethylene foam extrusion, which has resulted in a number of manufacturing improvements.

We bring a similar approach to our foam screening spline products. We custom design our foam screening splines to the exact specifications demanded by our customers. This means you get exactly that product which you need, and there is no need to improvise the fitting. Moreover, we can deliver lengths of foam screening spline commonly available in the market; or we can sell in larger quantities on spools, to be cut to measure as per your need.