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Varieties of Screening Spline

February 09, 2016

Screening spline is necessary when constructing a door frame and is most useful when constructing a good seal. Screening splines are available in a variety of sizes and shapes in the door and window industry. Some popular splining materials available are foam, round EPDM, flat screen splining, Vinyl T splining, round steel, and square aluminum. Foam screening spline is the thinnest type and is the easiest to work with. There are also larger sizes but are not used in the window industry, rather, they are used for gap filing and are not usually ultraviolet resistant and will become fragile in the sun. Foam screening spline usually comes in electrical wired rolls. Foam is the best starter since it is easier to roll in and can be used in a wide variety of frame styles.

A screening spline should be your close companion when you are constructing in areas with lots of insects like mosquitoes. Customers looking for quality and durability should set their sights on a screening spline manufactured by Alcot Plastics LTD. The spline is specially made to withstand the toughest weather conditions, and natural effects like expansion and shrinking. It stays durable even when it becomes exposed to different elements.

Alcot Plastics LTD. is passionate about being leaders in their field and manufacture the finest foam products. Their state of the art facility makes the superior foam used to fabricate their top notch screening spline, and their knowledgeable workforce focus their energies into making it the best spline on the market. Not only does it secure windows and doors, screening spline also makes for an easier installation. Alcot Plastics LTD. can make spline to suit any requested dimensions, and they can customize it to your specifications. Contact them today and find out why Alcot Plastics LTD. are the standout choice for your screening spline needs.