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What are pool noodles?

September 18, 2015

 Pool noodles, also known as water logs are cylindrical pieces of polyethylene foam used for floating to assist in swimming. With Alcot plastic being a global leader in the manufacturing of plastic products, you can be sure of having the most creative designs. The designs are made in the most creative ways to keep you entertained at all times as you use the products.

Pool noodles and other products from Alcot Plastics Company are versatile, easy to use as well as less expensive to handle and use. This makes them a haven for people of all ages as there is no age restriction in their use. This company has always strived to deliver you the best product in the market. There are several methods using pool noodles, including swimming and super sporting as well as fishing where they are used to hold or lift goods over the water surface through auto-floatation. Pool noodles further allow the swimmer to float on water with much ease while showcasing expertise and professionalism.

Lately, the pool noodle technology has revolutionized the way swimming hassles to an effortless experience and fun. It is produced to withstand the density of water for long hours of operation. Its durability further proves that it can last for several years of usage without any need for replacement.

With pool noodles designed to reach distal points of the pool, those learning swimming can easily reach even the most inaccessible areas at ease. It is also manageable, easy to use and maneuverable when undertaking extreme water sporting. Some companies give professional advice to their customers and clients on the suitability of their pool noodle to their working environments. ALcot plastics tackles customer complaints by having a response team that ensures that the arising issues are dealt with accordingly. They ensure that all customers get what they need as promptly as possible.