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What is a Screening Spline and How to Use It

January 13, 2021


Whether you decide to DIY your window screen repairs or consider hiring a professional, a screening spline is often required. These plastic splines ensure that the screen wire itself is tightly secured into the window frame by fitting snuggly into the notched opening around the frame. During window screen repairs, you may often be able to reuse the pre-existing spline after installing a new screen. However, sometimes the plastic spline may be too old and damaged to reuse.

In this case it is possible to purchase rolls of screening spline from manufacturers and distributors like Alcot Plastics Ltd.


Splines can come in different materials. The most common splines used for window frames can be found to be made of foam or vinyl. Both materials are highly durable and work exactly as it is supposed to, securely fitting into your window frame to ensure that your wire frame does not come loose. Ultimately the greatest difference in which spline material to use is up to personal preference. Many prefer to use vinyl due to its resistance to heat and moisture. Foam on the other hand is highly flexible and also has a mild resistance to the elements.


Foam screening spline is able to be compressed more than vinyl. It means a thicker foam spline can be used in applications where a similar sized vinyl spline will not be applicable due to the rigidity of the material. This is why choosing the right material for the spline and acquiring accurate measurements is very important when working with splines.


Splines are measured in terms of diameter that usually comes in inches. Alcot Plastics Ltd. provides foam splines that offer great advantages. They can help secure your windows and doors in place, and are durable enough to withstand harsh outdoor elements. Best of all, customers can customize a foam spline to suit any of your windows and doors.