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What makes a backer rod great?

December 30, 2015

A Backer rod is designed with a distinct shape, color and other physical features, depending on the intended use. This is due to the superior expert engineering technology in making them exceptional for the particular role. Ideally, great backer rod is created for lightweight purposes. However, you can equally have heavy duty rods manufactured by exposing the material to superheating under intense pressure. Among the commonest uses of either class of rods include building, packaging, sealing as well as anti- expansion protection for surfaces.

With the high stability and antifreeze features, Backer rod materials further retain their stability and functional capacity even at extreme temperatures ranging from -900F to 1900F. Therefore, whether building within the tropics or at the Polar Regions, you’ll have little to worry about compression, freezing or hyper expansion due to weather, heat or pressure changes. Thus, your structure will always remain strong without weakening or even loosening at the extreme temperatures. When exposed to pressure compression, Alcot backer rods can stand high pressure of up to 5 psi with a recovery rate being greater that 90%. More to this, the rods also have high tensile of over 29 psi making them capable of barring high stretching forces. Consequently, their use in meeting your concrete expansion control needs will have your short term compression and stretching of the concrete slabs and walls allowing for adequate expansion and compression.

Looking for a reputable backer rods manufacturer needs time and research as to have the exact solution to your needs. Today, the Backer rod manufacturing industry is among the most rapidly growing in the global market. Along with its rising popularity are the increasing numbers of manufacturing companies that promise on their quality of the products or their care technologies. Thus, when shopping for backer rods, you need to consult a manufacturing company with several years of experience in the industry.