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What Makes PE Foam Perfect for Pool Noodles?

August 15, 2023

They are soft, colourful, buoyant, and super fun! Yes, we are talking about pool noodles or water woggles. This is one of the most popular pool toys in the world. This extraordinarily popular pool toy is made of polyethylene foam, also known as PE foam. Polyethylene is one of the most commonly used polymers in the world. The use of PE foam in the packaging industry is well-known. The soft and moisture-resistant properties of polyethylene make it ideal for packaging. However, similar properties also make PE foam perfect for manufacturing water woggles. Read this blog until the end to learn why PE foam is perfect for making pool noodles.

Properties of PE Foam That Makes It Perfect For Pool Noodles

PE foam is a lightweight yet durable material.  Both of these characteristics are sacrosanct for pool toys. Heavy things won't float and delicate materials won't last long in water. PE foam can successfully retain its shape in water even after being in use for years without losing buoyancy.

Water resistance
There is no feature more important than this for a pool toy. The closed-cell PE foam does an excellent job of resisting water and moisture better than any material there is. Since PE foam won't absorb water and become heavy and soggy over time, they last long and remain lightweight for years.

For someone who is learning how to swim, it is important to be able to hold onto pool noodles in any shape they wish. The flexibility of water woggles allows for them to be used in many different ways. They can be wrapped around the body or held onto with both hands. Water woggles made from this material provide a comfortable and cushioned experience for users, allowing them to float effortlessly in the water while providing support and stability.

PE foam is the perfect material for pool noodles due to its unique properties and characteristics that we discussed in this blog. Water woggles are perfect for novice swimmers who are still trying to get more confident in the pool. Thanks to PE foam, without which water woggles would not have been a reality, Alcot Plastics is a leading manufacturer of PE foam products, including pool noodles, backer rods, and soft rods. Contact us today to get a free quote.