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What You Need to Know About Foam Screening Spline

March 06, 2018

A screening spline is used to secure window screens in window frames or screen doors to prevent insects or other critters from getting in. The foam screening spline is the best option available, preferred by contractors and builders throughout North America. It is thinner and more resistant to shrinkage or contraction than other types.


The foam screening spline is able to better contour itself to varying dimensions, shapes, sizes and specifications, giving you more options in renovation, repairs or home improvements.


Here are Some of the benefits of using Foam Screen Splines, from the experts at Alcot Plastics:

·         Durable while exposed to varying weather conditions, giving extended life/use and prolonging proper function to secure the screen.

·         Excellent in securing window frames and doors of varying materials like wood, aluminum and steel.

·         Suits any door style or windows regardless of specification, size and dimensions - giving you that benefit of tailoring your work.


Why Use Foam Screen Spline?


Proper screen installation prolongs the screen life itself; it also provides a more comfortable home free of mosquitos, bugs, wasps and multiple other insects. Proper screening will also allow you to save on electricity or other heating bills.


The durability and extended screen life often leads to affordability in future repairs and re-installation. The foam screening spline also allows constant support of the screen regardless of changes in weather temperatures, minimizing expansion and contraction. This gives an effective seal between screen and window or doors.


Foam screening splines also offer flexibility, which gives you a lot of leeway as far as measurements during installation of the frame itself. It makes the installation altogether far easier for professionals and DIY enthusiast.


Alcot Plastics carries a wide range of foam products to make life easier. Call or visit us today to learn more about splines, rods and all of the uses of modern foam!