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July 22, 2014

The screening spline is a tool used to hold screens taut on doorframes. It is usually cylindrical in shape and is made of flexible foam material. This means that it can be compressed into frame channels so as to hold the screen tightly in position. Most dealers supply this tool in two major colors. These are black and grey. Black splines are suitable for charcoal screens while grey splines are suitable for brighter screens. The tools are also supplied in varying diameters. These diameters are meant for different sizes of channels and screens. Selection of the appropriate size to use requires high professionalism in order to avoid screen loosening.

Installation of the screening spline requires the use of various tools such as scissors and screening tool. Otherwise, one may end up puncturing the form material hence producing undesired results. The screening tool is made up of a handle and two wheels. Each of the wheels is meant for a specific range of spline diameters. Each of the wheels has a groove that holds the spline in place as one rolls it into the channel. The tool enables one to fix the spline uniformly without leaving overhanging or protruding material.

During the installation of screening spline, one may require other tools such as screwdrivers and masking tapes to make the process easier. One uses the screwdriver to fix the spline around corners firmly. The screening tool cannot be used around corners. One may also choose to use a utility knife instead of scissors to cut the excess screening material. When using the screening tool, it is advisable to ensure that the strokes are done in one direction for proper uniformity. In the event that the spline has a larger diameter than the recommended one, it is stretched in order to reduce its diameter so as to fit into the frame channels. This may end up producing a firmer grip than expected.