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Which Backer Rod Is Perfect For Your Project?

November 02, 2020


A backer rod can be a useful tool when working with construction materials that have gaps or openings, as they possess exceptional and unique physical features. For example, log houses have extensive uses for these rods because they have gaps that require more than just caulking to fix. When looking for the right rod for your project, you’ll find three types available on the market. Working with a highly experienced team like Alcot Plastics can help narrow down which type of rod is best suited for your project or business. Here is a quick guide to help you select the correct one for your needs.

Closed Cell

If you're trying to reduce the entry of moisture through a leak or crack in your basement, a closed-cell foam backer rod is an undeniably effective solution. The robust nature of this material makes it difficult to compress between surfaces during its installation. However, it will keep moisture, and outside temperatures blocked out permanently if you install them correctly.

Open Cell

This type expands much further than its closed-cell counterpart. On one hand, it has a weaker compression, which makes them a cause for water to pond over. On the other hand, used in vertical operations, they're exceptional materials that improve sealants' curing speed and guarantee improved insulation and sealing.

Hybrid Foam Cells

The ability to efficiently compress while providing a reliable, closed-cell barrier makes hybrid foam a must in any insulation project. It can seal both vertical and horizontal areas without risk of any ponded water or moisture during rainfall. These are more expensive than average rods sold in the market. 

Get The Best Rods From Dependable Manufacturers

Alcot Plastics has continued to provide top-quality backer rods, plastics, and high-quality foam for local companies and wholesalers for decades. We guarantee only the best products through our meticulous manufacturing methods, dedicated state-of-the-art facilities, and well-trained staff. Contact us today to learn more about which rods we provide that can elevate your next renovation or construction project.