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Which Products use Polyethylene Foam?

December 29, 2017

 Polyethylene foam is a type of plastic that is extremely popular for its high durability, flexibility, and for its recyclable nature. The use that is most commonly associated with polyethylene foam is that it is the material pool noodles are made from – but such a simple, strong, and flexible material can find many uses, limited only by the user’s creativity.

Polyethylene foam sees a surprising amount of use outside of its “traditional” intent:

  • Mattress Components - The plastic is durable enough to be used for maintaining the structural shapes of mattresses, mainly in the sides, corners, and heading.
  • Roll-Bar Padding for Racecars - Polyethylene foam provides excellent protection for racecar drivers from side impact beams. In general, it makes for a surprisingly good padding to protect people from heavy impacts.
  • Custom Bottle Stoppers - A slightly less industrial use for these foam products is to take advantage of the aforementioned impact-protection quality for glass bottles. Many people will use their foam as a cushion to prevent glass products from breaking should they fall onto it.
  • Packaging and protection - Polyethylene sees a fair amount of use in packaging and shipping, especially for electronic products that can malfunction after weathering too many jolts and bumps.

There are many more uses for these plastics – as many as its users can imagine!

Between industrial uses and personal ones, there is little doubt that polyethylene sees a massive amount of use, even for a plastic. Polyethylene foam in particular is one of the most helpful materials we use for manufacturing at Alcot Plastics. If you’d like to hear more about the myriad uses for polyethylene and its associated products, feel free to give us a call! If this material seems like it would be helpful for your own uses (and it probably would be), feel free to request a quote today.