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Why Are Backer Rods Necessary

June 06, 2022

Contractors carry out caulking projects regularly at residential and commercial properties. There are many products and elements involved in successfully finishing such projects. There are sealants of different types, manufactured by top brands, available in the market.

While sealants are essential for caulking projects, they alone aren't enough to get the job done. It is a known fact that sealants perform best when used with "backing." Backer rods provide perfect backing to sealants, especially in expansion joints and cracks.


Let's take a look at what makes backer rods necessary.

First, it is essential to understand what these rods actually are. These rods are cylindrical, flexible, soft, absorbent and made of polyethylene foams. Foam rods are mainly of three types — open-cell, closed-cell, and bi-cellular. These rods are also used for the construction of concrete precast buildings. They are inserted between the concrete panels to fill the gap and provide a backer for the caulking. Backer rods are commonly used around doors, foundations, wall joints, and windows.
Foam rods are ideal if you are looking to control or reduce the amount of sealant used in a gap. Polyethylene foam rods are perfect for use as a bond breaker. It prevents the sealant from going all the way to the bottom and being wasted. They help the sealant stick to the joint walls and stay firm, preventing cracks. Apart from helping the sealant to maintain a tight seal, backer rods fill the gap between the surface and minimize the required sealant, thus cutting costs.
You can even get rid of bubbling concerns with the help of these flexible rods. You can rely on Alcot Plastics LTD for top-quality soft rods at the best rates. We supply soft rods of 1/4“ to 1 ¼” diameters. They are packed safely in rolls and delivered on time. Get in touch with our knowledgeable team today to learn about everything we can do for you.