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Why Are Foam Screening Splines Perfect For Your Windows?

January 27, 2023


If you’ve ever considered installing window screens, you know that they can be tricky. Not only must you make sure that the mesh fits properly, but you must also ensure that the spline used to secure it is sturdy and reliable. That’s why foam screening splines are such a great option for your windows. They are easy to install and provide superior support for your window screens. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why foam screen splines are the perfect choice for your windows and how they can help keep out bugs and debris.

What Are Foam Screening Splines?

Foam screening splines are made from a soft and flexible foam material that is designed to compress when pressure is applied. These splines are mainly manufactured of polyethylene foam. Foam splines ensure a tight fit around the edges of your window, providing an airtight seal that won't degrade over time. The foam also allows for easy installation and removal of screens, making it perfect for seasonal changes or repairs.

Why Are They Perfect for Your Windows?

Window foam screening splines are perfect for your windows because they are easy to install and provide a tight seal that keeps out insects and other pests. They are also weather-resistant and can help reduce noise levels from outside. Additionally, foam splines are relatively inexpensive and can last for many years with minimal maintenance.



Foam screening splines are the perfect solution for your windows - they offer a secure fit, easy installation, low maintenance and longevity. They can also be used to replace existing splines or upgrade older window screens, making them cost-efficient and of great value. With all of these benefits combined, foam screening splines are an excellent choice when it comes to safeguarding your windows from dirt, debris and pests.

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